Flow Guidebook


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what steps to take next while constantly spinning your wheels in the pursuit of your acting career?

You don’t have good representation, can’t book your first tv credit, guest star or series regular. The list goes on and on and it can feel discouraging, like you are falling behind and you just can’t catch a break.

I get it. You can only do the starving artist lifestyle, hoping something will work but for so long. I said NO MORE.

Which is exactly why I spent over 6 months trying out a different approach in life and the pursuit of my career for you so you didn’t have to.😉

How my life and career shifted after I changed my approach:

❤️ I became a confident person and actor knowing my worth

❤️ I rid the feeling of overwhelm and knew my next steps

❤️ I got GOOD representation

❤️ I booked:

  • Two pilots
  • Two recurring roles
  • An HBO film and TV show

I found a healthier, more effective and peaceful way to pursue my career and began to book like crazy – and you can too.

Which is exactly why I created:

The Actor’s Flow Guidebook.💫

It walks you through the step-by-step process I took to find the approach that will help you:

  • Organize your life and career.
  • Know the exact steps to take next.
  • Feel confident as a person and actor.
  • Pursue your career with joy.
  • Have peace of mind.
  • Begin to book with ease.

1. My goal with the Flow Guidebook is to help you not only rid the feeling of overwhelm, but to help you take consistent, meaningful action steps.

2. Create a life and career you really desire.

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